Mission Statement

The Prince Edward Island College of Physiotherapists assures that the interests of the public are met through regulation and by the promotion of competent and ethical physiotherapy services.

Clinics and Physiotherapists

Clinic Employees
aspire physio /wellness
14 Kinlock Rd
Kinlock Crossing Suite 10
Stratford, PE  C1B 1R1
Telephone: (902) 628-1991
Mandy Fraser (Physiotherapist)
Balance Health Physio
379 Queen St.
Charlottetown, PE  C1a 4C9
Telephone: (902) 370-3322
Steve Lawlor (Owner / Physiotherapist)
Beechwood Physiotherapy
Oulton Business Center, 446 Main Sreet
PO Bx 452, O'Leary, PEI
O'Leary, PE  C0B 1V0
Telephone: (902) 856-0152
Brian Hiscock (Owner/Operator)
CBI Health Centre island
199 Grafton #105
Charlottetown, PE  C1A 1L2
Telephone: (506) 863-8211
Ellen Chapman (Physiotherapist)
Laua Birt (Kinesiologist Program Coordinator )
Lorrie Pesa (Admin)
Rebecca Arenburg (Physiotherapist )
Tracey Sark (physiotherapy aid )
Trevor Dunphy (Physiotherapist)
CBI Health Centre Linden
24 Linden Ave
Charlottetown, PE  C1A 5Y8
Telephone: (902) 566-5212
Brenda McGill (Physiotherapist)
Cyndi Doiron (physiotherapy aid)
Dianne Gaudet (Admin)
Heather MacIntyre (Registered Massage Therapist)
Maria Langille (Physiotherapist)
Micchael LeBlanc (Occupatonal Therapist )
Susan Connolly (Admin)
CBI Health Centre Montague
169 Queens Rd
montague, PE  C0A 1R0
Telephone: (902) 838-4969
Ashley Hollis (physiotherapy aid)
Caitlin VanKeymeulen (Kinesiologist )
Judi Sigsworth (Admin)
Terri Thompson (Physiotherapist)
CBI Health Centre Summerside
454 Granville St
Summerside, PE  C1N 4K7
Telephone: (902) 724-3003
Alice Toner (Occupatonal Therapist)
Chrissie MacNevin (Regional Admin/kinesiologist )
Holly Hartlen (Kinesiologist/physiotherapy aid)
Lal Hennessey (Kinesiologist)
RAchelle Gallant (Registered Massage Therapist)
Charlottetown Physiotherapy
28 Garfield St.
Charlottetown, PE  C1A 6A5
Telephone: (902) 566-2700
Dr David MacKenzie (Physician - SportMed Clinic)
Edith Rogers (physiotherapist)
Erin Flynn (accountant)
Jackie Smith (physiotherapist assistant)
Jody Taylor (Receptionist)
Kent Crosby (owner/physiotherapist)
Marie Brine (Occupational Therapist)
Randy Goodman (Physiotherapist)
Shelley Mokler Clark (physiotherapist)
Tom Crowell (Owner/physiotherapist)
Tracey Wood (Receptionist)
Corena Hughes Physiotherapy, Inc.
1 Harbourside Access Rd.
Charlottetown, PE  C1A 8R4
Telephone: (902) 894-4400
Courtney Phillips (physiotherapist )
Hurricanes Physiotherapy
140 Weymouth St
Charlottetown, PE  C1A 4Z1
Telephone: (902) 566-9391
Connor Gorrill (Physiotherapy Assistant)
Heather Morrison (Office Administrator)
Jenny Dickson (Physiotherapist)
Matt Kelly (Physiotherapist)
Keep Moving Physiotherapy-Cornwall
PO BOX 238
375 TCH
Cornwall, PE  C0A 1H0
Telephone: (902) 370-2137
Adrian Mallett (Administration)
Angela Rogerson (Owner/Physiotherapist)
Jadye Inman (Administration)
Lauren Rogerson (Administration)
Maxine Mallett (Administration)
Paige Rankin (Physiotherapist)
Susan Bird (Physiotherapist )
Wendy Gillis (Administration)
Keep Moving Physiotherapy-Crapaud
20078 TCH
Crapaud , PE  C1A 9E3
Telephone: (902) 370-2137
Angela Rogerson (Owner/ Physiotherapist)
Kensington Physiotherapy, Inc.
55 Victoria Street East
PO Box 864
Kensington, PE  C0B 1M0
Telephone: (902) 836-1021
Diane Shortt (Physiotherapist Assisstant and Office Manager)
Jeannie Gallant (Receptionist)
Kevin Shortt (Physiotherapist and CEO President)
Kimberly Amyotte (Physiotherapy Assistant)
Physio East Ltd Montague
25 Sunset Cres
Morell, PE  c0a 1s0
Telephone: (902) 361-3150
Amy MacCormack (Administration)
Avery MacCormack (Administration)
Brent MacAdam (Physiotherapist)
JoEllen MacPhee (Physiotherapist)
Sarah Gaudet (Physiotherapist)
Physio East Ltd Morell
25 Sunset Cres.
Morell, PE  C0A 1S0
Telephone: (902) 739-3050
Amy MacCormack (Administration)
Avery MacCormack (Administration)
Brent MacAdam (Physiotherapist)
Sarah Gaudet ( Physiotherapist)
reactive health - Charlottetown Physiotherapy & Wellness
78 Euston St
Charlottetown, PE  C1A 1W2
Telephone: (902) 370-7322
Andrew Hume (Kinesiologist, Certified Fascial Stretch Therapist )
Connor Myers (Kinesiologist, PTA, Certified Fascial Stretch Therapist)
Deanne Refuse (Registered Massage Therapist)
Harrison McIver (Registered Physiotherapist)
Heather McIver-Ellis (Registered Dietician)
Jocelyne Ludgate (Registered Massage Therapist)
Karen LeClair (Front Office Administration)
Marcel Macdonald (Registered Physiotherapist)
Michou Petitepas (Registered Massage Therapist )
Rachel Beyer (Registered Physiotherapist)
reactive health - Cornwall Physiotherapy & Sports Rehabilitation
401 Trans Canada Hwy
Suite 201
Cornwall, PE  C0A 1H0
Telephone: (902) 370-9900
Ashley Affleck (Registered Massage Therapist)
Bethanne Molyneaux (Front Office Administration )
Brette-Lynn Gallant (Registered Massage Therapist )
Kerry O'Connor (Registered Physiotherapist)
Neal Jamieson PT, PTA (Certified Fascial Stretch Therapist / PTA)
Nicole Kelly (Registered Physiotherapist)
Taryn Beaulieu (PTA, Office Administration)
reactive health - Stratford Physiotherapy
252 Stratford Road
Stratford, PE  C1B 1H7
Telephone: (902) 370-7322
Allison St. Pierre (PTA, Kinesiologist, Certified Fascial Stretch Therapist )
Chelsey Scully (Front Office Administration)
Courtney Allyson Seviour (Registered Physiotherapist)
Eryn Carruthers (Registered Massage Therapist)
Jessica Willis (Front Office Reception)
Lana MacDonald (Registered Physiotherapist)
Lauren Matheson (Resident Physiotherapist)
Marc MacDonald (Registered Physiotherapist)
Michou Petitepas (Registered Massage Therapist )
reactive health - Summerside Physiotherapy Clinic
216 Green Street
Summerside, PE  C1N 1Y4
Telephone: (902) 436-2151
Brette-Lynn Gallant (Registered Massage Therapist)
Denise Reeves, LPN, PTA (Physiotherapy Assistant) (Physiotherapy Assistant)
Lana MacDonald (Registered Physiotherapist)
Marc MacDonald (Registered Physiotherapist)
Melanie Campbell (Front Office Administration )
Sandra Carson-McGuire (Registered Physiotherapist)
Tammy Lomond (Registered Dietician)
reactive health - UPEI Panther Sports Medicine
550 University Avenue
Charlottetown, PE  C1A 4P3
Telephone: (902) 620-5181
Alex Crann (Front Office Admin, Kinesiologist, PTA)
Connor Myers (Kinesiologist, PTA)
Courtney Allyson Seviour (Registered Physiotherapist)
Elliot Mullin (Registered Massage Therapist)
Harrison McIver (Registered Physiotherapist)
Marc MacDonald (Registered Physiotherapist)
Sports Centre Physiotherapy
153 Belvedere Ave.
Charlottetown, PE  C1A 2Y9
Telephone: (902) 370-9355
Aaron Finn (Physiotherapist)
Amanda Gallant (Massage Therapist)
Amy Carver (Massage Therapist)
Andrew MacNair (Office Manager)
Brody Irving (Kinesiologist)
Colin Moore (Physiotherapist/Owner)
Ellen Dixon (Physiotherapist)
Ellen Holland (Reception )
Fran Shepherd (Admin/Reception)
Haley Shepherd (Physiotherapist)
Jenny Dickson (Physiotherapist)
Joyce Ling (Physiotherapist)
Matthew Kelly (Physiotherapist)
Nick Gaulton (Kinesiologist/Reception)
Sarah MacInnes (Massage Therapist)
Sarah McCabe (Kinesiologist)
Vicky Roach (Admin/Reception )
Symmetrics Health
143 Mount Edward Road
Charlottetown, PE  C1a 5t1
Telephone: (902) 370-6683
Dr. Lori Dover (Chiropractor )
Gerry MacAdam (Massage Therapist)
Robert Wickstrom (Physiotherapist/Owner)
Scott Conrad (Massage Therapist/Owner)
The Physio Center Inc
125 Walker Avenue
Summerside, PE  C1N 6G3
Telephone: (902) 436-5438
Blythe Martin (Owner/Physiotherapist)
Catherine Gaudet (Administrative Assistant)
Chris McCarthy (Owner/Chiropractor)
Heidi MacLeod (Registered Massage Therapist)
Jane McKillop (Physiotherapist)
Jennifer Kelly (Physiotherapist)
Ken Arsenault (Owner/Physiotherapist)
Margi Kean (Administrative Assistant)
Melanie Ramsay-Mugridge (Clinic Manager/Administrative Assistant)
Melissa Arsenault (Dietitian)
Nick Cameron (Massage Therapist)
Tina DesRoches (Administrative Assistant)
Truda Stavert (Administrative Assistant)
You Move Physio
370 Main Street
PO Box 520
Alberton, PE  C0B 1B0
Telephone: (902) 853-1622
Amy Irving (Physiotherapist/Owner)
Kathleen O'Meara (Physiotherapy Resident)
Leslie Teeple (Registered Massage Therapist)
Michelle MacDougall (Admin Assistant)