To register to practice as a Physiotherapist on Prince Edward Island, the following pieces of information must be submitted in your profile within the online registration system:

  • If you have graduated in Canada, a copy of your degree, or a letter from the Director of the university where you completed your physiotherapy training.
  • If you are an internationally educated physiotherapist (IEPT), i.e. you have completed your physiotherapy education from an institution outside of Canada, please refer to the Information for Internationally Educated Physiotherapists.
  • Documentation of successful completion of the Physiotherapy Competency Exam (PCE), or proof that you held a valid licence in another Canadian jurisdiction on December 31, 1993.
  • Physiotherapy residents are required to be monitored or supervised by more experienced physiotherapists, but this in no way impacts their ability to independently provide patient care. The College would not register someone who it feels is not competent to provide physiotherapy services in Prince Edward Island. Experienced physiotherapists who are acting as supervisors will need to complete the supervisory agreement first, then provisional practice monitoring tool will be due within 30 days of signing the supervisory agreement and every eight weeks following.
  • If you have practiced or are currently practicing in another Canadian jurisdiction, documentation of current registration and standing in that jurisdiction from that college is required.
  • Proof of malpractice insurance is required when employed in a work environment other that the public sector.
  • Documentation of successful completion of relevant training to receive an acupuncture endorsement. Specify the level for which you have been trained.

Start the process by registering in our online registration system and following the instructions on screen.

Registration and Renewal Fees

This is current list of registration fees.

Fee Type Fee Amount
New registration 325.00
6 months registration 175.00
Registration renewal 300.00
6 months renewal 150.00
Registration renewal + late fee 450.00
Acupuncture Endorsement 25.00
Letter of good standing 25.00
Additional copy of license 20.00
Physiotherapy Clinics
New registration (clinic) 300.00
Registration renewal (clinic) 175.00
Registration renewal (clinic) + late fee 275.00