Clinic Requirements

To register a clinic, or to renew an existing clinic permit, please use online registration system.

This information is from the Physiotherapy Act Authorization Regulations (last updated 2009)

Application for permit 11. (1) An applicant for a permit to operate a clinic shall submit a written application including the following:
  • (a) the name, address and telephone number of the clinic operator and the names and addresses of the person’s partners or directors, where applicable;
  • (b) the name of the clinic;
  • (c) the location, address and telephone number of the clinic;
  • (d) a description of the clinic including the physical layout and equipment, with a sketch plan;
  • (e) a description of the general nature of the clientele to be served and of the services to be offered;
  • (f) a description of the usual staffing arrangements;
  • (g) the name, address and telephone number of the person designated as physiotherapist in charge of the clinic;
  • (h) the name of other physiotherapists working regularly at the clinic;
  • (i) proof, as requested by the Council or the Registrar, of compliance with fire and electrical codes, public health and safety laws other applicable laws;
  • (j) such other information or documentation as the Council may request.
Registrar  assesses   applications   (2) The Registrar, at the direction of the Council,
  • (a) shall assess applications for a permit to operate a clinic and determine whether the requirements of the Act and these regulations are met; and
  • (b) may investigate, inspect and confirm the veracity of information provided by the applicant.
Permit to operate a clinic   (3) Subject to section 13, the Council may issue a permit to operate a
clinic to an applicant, subject to such terms and conditions as the Council
may consider appropriate, including compliance with fire and electrical
codes, public health and safety laws and other applicable laws.
Refusal to issue or renew permit 12. (1) The Council may refuse to issue or renew a permit or may suspend or cancel a permit if the applicant or permit holder
  • (a) has failed to comply with the conditions of a permit or a provisional permit;
  • (b) employs a physiotherapist who is not licensed under these regulations; or
  • (c) does not otherwise comply with the Act or these regulations.
 Notice   (2) Where the Council proposes to refuse to issue or renew a permit, or to suspend or cancel a permit, the Council shall serve notice on the applicant or permit holder by personal service or certified mail at the address shown in the records maintained by the Registrar
  • (a) stating the reasons for the proposed refusal, suspension or cancellation;
  • (b) stating the effective date of the suspension or cancellation, which date shall not be less than 21 days from the date of the notice; and
  • (c) informing the applicant or permit holder that a response in writing may be made to the Council before the effective date giving reasons why the Council should not act in the manner proposed.
Powers of  Council   (3) Where the applicant or permit holder writes a response pursuant to
subsection (2), the Council may, after considering the response,
  • (a) withdraw the notice and issue the permit; or
  • (b) refuse to issue or renew, or may suspend or cancel, the permit.
Other  cancellations   (4) Notwithstanding subsection (2), the Council may, without prior notice,
  • (a) approve the withdrawal of an application for a permit;
  • (b) at the request of a permit holder, cancel the permit respecting a clinic;
  • (c) cancel a permit respecting a clinic that has ceased to operate for 90 days or more;
  • (d) cancel or suspend a permit on the recommendation of health, fire or safety officials; or
  • (e) cancel a permit respecting a clinic that has become bankrupt. (EC574/03)
Information to Registrar 13. (1) An applicant for renewal of an authorization pursuant to section 11 of the Act shall provide such information to the Council as the Council may require.
Clinic permit expired   (2) The Council may renew a permit that has expired, if the application for renewal is made not more than 60 days after the expiry and the applicant complies with the Act and these regulations. (EC574/03)
Changes affecting license 14. (1) A license holder shall notify the Registrar without delay of changes in the information provided in the most recent application, including those that may affect the license holder’s ability to practise and changes in address or contact information.
Changes affecting clinic   (2) A permit holder shall inform the Registrar of any change of address
or contact information, and if
  • (a) the clinic will be closed or its physiotherapy services will be significantly changed or discontinued for a period exceeding 60 days;
  • (b) the facility is significantly renovated or rearranged; or
  • (c) the scale or manner of operation of the clinic is significantly altered.
Review status of permit   (3) Where subsection (1) or (2) applies, the Council may review the status of the license or permit and, if it considers that applicable requirements are not fully met, it may impose or remove conditions on the license or permit, or suspend or revoke it, or require that the person reapply for a license or permit. (EC574/03)
Information  gathered by  the Registrar 15. (1) Files and other information compiled by the Registrar or Council
  • (a) are the property of the Council; and
  • (b) shall contain copies of documents submitted on applications under the Act and these regulations, and other information gathered in the administration of the Act and these regulations.
Disclosure   (2) The Registrar or the Council may disclose
  • (a) information about a person’s application, authorization status or standing to another regulatory authority or professional organization; or
  • (b) the existence of a permit or license to an organization, employer or client or to the general public. (EC574/03)