To register to practice as a Physiotherapist on Prince Edward Island, please follow these instructions:

If you are an internationally educated physiotherapist....

If you are an internationally educated physiotherapist (IEPT), i.e. you have completed your physiotherapy education from an institution outside of Canada, please refer to the Information for Internationally Educated Physiotherapists.

If you graduated in Canada...

If you graduated in Canada go to the online registration in the Human Management System, click on 'I want to register' link, and follow the instructions on the screen. You will be notified by email after the Registrar approves your account.

After your account has been approved:

Step 1

Complete all the information under all the tabs in your Member Profile: Basic Information, Contact Information, Education, Employment, and Miscellaneous.

Step 2

Upload the proof of your Physiotherapy Education, such as a copy of your degree, or a letter from the Director of the university where you completed your physiotherapy training.

Step 3

Under the Education, PCE Certification heading:

  • If the process is completed, upload the proof of successful completion of the PCE (Professional Competency Examination).
  • If you graduated before 1995, choose 'Grandfathered' on the drop-down menu.
  • If you haven't completed the process yet, choose 'In Progress'.
    • Upload the proof you completed the written component (PC‑W), or, if you did not pass, upload the proof that you are registered for the next PC‑W and provide the date.
    • Enter the date and upload the proof that you are registered for the next PC‑C exam

Note: If you have not completed both components of the PCE, you may practice under the supervision of a licenced Physiotherapist. Upload the completed supervisory agreement form and provisional practice monitoring tool.

Step 4

Under Miscellaneous, upload your malpractice insurance certificate.

Step 5

Pay the appropriate fee (see table below), via PayPal. If you are registering after June 30, you are entitled to pay half the yearly fee (6 months registration), plus the initial registration fee.

Registration and Renewal Fees

Current registration and renewal fees:

Fee Type Fee Amount
New registration 325.00
6 months registration 175.00
Registration renewal 300.00
6 months renewal 150.00
Registration renewal + late fee 450.00
Acupuncture Endorsement 0.00
Letter of good standing 25.00
Additional copy of license 20.00
Physiotherapy Clinics
New registration (clinic) 300.00
Registration renewal (clinic) 175.00
Registration renewal (clinic) + late fee 275.00

Temporary Registration

Physiotherapists licenced in another jurisdiction may apply for a temporary licence to allow them to practice during a visit to the Province of PEI.
More information / application form

Licenced physiotherapists who are registered other Canadian jurisdictions who wish to provide continuing care or physiotherapy services that are not otherwise available, whether the services are delivered in person or via tele-rehabilitation, may apply for a temporary licence under the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) agreement.
More information / application form