Physiotherapist's Portfolio

As part of our ongoing commitment to promoting continuing competency among Prince Edward Island's physiotherapists, we have decided to highly recommend that each physiotherapist implement and maintain a professional portfolio. To help get you started we have provided a binder and outline for your professional portfolio. This portfolio is designed to capture professionalism as well as document continuing competency and self reflection.

Please feel free to modify and add on to your own portfolio to allow it to suit your personal preferences. Ultimately this portfolio is for your own personal use, although it could be used for job applications or performance evaluations, etc. The only section you will be required to submit to the college for licencing will be your record of continuing education.

Overview of Portfolio

Table of contents
General headings for tabs in portfolio
Personal Index
This page is left blank for each individual to complete, including specifics of what professional portfolio contains
Tab 1: Self reflection exercises
Each year the college will provide a suggested exercise for each therapist to complete to assist in self reflection and in goal setting for the upcoming year. It is intended that these exercises be completed at the start of the calendar year so that goals can be established.
Tab 2: Personal goals
Each physiotherapist is responsible for establishing yearly goals to help direct future learning and continuing competency. In this section you will identify areas of your practice requiring attention, establish goals based on these areas and then identify strategies to help attain the goals.
Tab 3: Continuing Education
Each year a record of continuing education must be completed and submitted to the college in order to renew your licence. There is also a section to fill in other continuing education that may not count specifically towards your required hours, but should be noted for reference purposes.
Tab 4: Professional Development
This section is for your own personal development. It may include: resume, letters of reference, thank-you cards/notes from patients, projects in development, awards, performance evaluations, etc.
Tab 5: PEI College of Physiotherapy
This section includes general information regarding the college, including an overview of our website, online renewals, and our mission statement. There are several subsections as well including: act and regulations, bylaws, policies, guidelines, and jurisprudence.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.